"How curious. I had no idea! Today has ended." 24.05-29.06

“How curious. I had no idea! Today has ended.” 

(From Short Talk on Gertrude Stein About 9.30 by Anne Carson)

“In a stretch of time where nothing seems to happen, gloomy eyes span the horizontal line for something to catch on to. A free-floating gaze wanting to anchor itself to a non-hostile, seemingly safe state. The focal point of view leads where to go. From the tip of the toe to the back of the heel, distributing its weight. Suddenly you slip and unintentionally start to slide for a short distance. Time lapse as if nothing happened.”

We are pleased to announce that SIRIN Gallery will host a group exhibition with 4 recent graduates of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Ockie Basgül Dogan,
Gabriel Bott,
Emelie Carlén,
Joakim Almroth.

The show will be exploring the abstract concept of time, and our different experiences of it, from small imperceivable moments that drift in front of us, to the slippage of life into ceasing to exist.

The show will be a combination of mixed media art works from ceramics to installation.

The exhibition will open as a part of Copenhagen Art Week.

The exhibition was recommended by Kunsten.nu

Opening reception will take place on Friday the 24th of May 5-7 pm.

Please download the Press Release here.

PastNatalia Enge