“Awakening” group exhibition 26.04 - 22.05

Fovea Centralis by George William Bell

Fovea Centralis by George William Bell

“Theoretically there is no absolute proof that one's awakening in the morning (the finding oneself again in the saddle of one's personality) is not really a quite unprecedented event, a perfectly original birth."

― Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister

On April 26th SIRIN Gallery is happy to invite you to the opening of the art and design exhibition “Awakening”.

As Spring is arriving, we look at works that deal with cycles, beginnings and ends, and play with natural forms and rhythms expressed through various mediums.

The show will feature 4 artists and 2 local multi-disciplinary studios, all of which will be showcasing individual and collaborative works through varying mediums.

Laura Faurschou (DK) is a local multi-disciplinary artist and product designer. Laura is working with aluminium, drawing with light and shadow her ornaments and reliefs. Each piece is cut and embossed by hand in soft aluminium and every dent and rise catches the light differently and reflects it outwards. Her work strives to create a visual balance between the imperfections of the hand-drawn line and the clean industrial surface of aluminium.

Eliška Monsportova (CZ) is currently studying glass art at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Her works combine multiple materials and aim to refine traditional glass making techniques into unique neo-classical objects.

Annelie Grimwade Olofsson (SE) and George William Bell (UK), based Bornholm, both work with traditional glass blowing techniques with a modern twist, using waste and light as the elements of their creative process. They will also present some one-off pieces from their collaborative project Diameter 34.

Multidisciplinary studio Estet Slow Flowers from Tillitse will also create a special interactive sound installation, which aims to raise awareness about climate change and reconsider our relationship with nature.

We look forward to seeing you at SIRIN gallery.

For more information about the exhibition and the artworks for sale visit artsy.net
and artland.com for 3D installation view.

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