“Form / Function Be One” group exhibition 15.03 - 23.04

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“The evolution of sense is, in a sense, the evolution of nonsense.” — Vladimir Nabokov

We are very excited to announce that SIRIN is now taking a new step forward to become a gallery.
We are happy to invite you to the opening reception of our first show “Form / Function Be One" on Friday the 15th of March.
We will be showcasing a group of 5 artists and designers, each from varying nationalities and backgrounds who experiment and blur the edges that run between art and design.

Alejandro Urrutia(Chile)
Joakim Almroth (Sweden)
Mette Hammer Juhl (Denmark)
Nathaniel Cary (UK)
Valerie Collart(France)

Throughout the exhibition, the artists will take us into their creative realm, where thoughts and ideas come in the form of mirror-like sculptures, ceramic lighting objects, and cat scratching poles as works of art.

We look forward to welcoming you at SIRIN Gallery!

Press release for the exhibition can be downloaded here

For more information about the exhibition and the artworks for sale visit our profile on artsy.net

Photo @DavidStjernholm

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