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“SOL y LUNA” 2019

Stainless steel, brass. Photo @DavidStjernholm


Alejandro Urrutia 

Originally from Chile and now residing in Copenhagen, Urrutia plays with the synergies between architectural and sculptural principles.

After working as an architect, Urrutia takes his previous experience and uses the medium of sculpture to reinterpret and transgress the rules of architecture. Urrutia has exhibited throughout Europe and is also the co-founder of architecture studio ‘UNarquitectura’ (CL). 

Urrutia has BA degree in Architecture (2006), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Recently awarded by YICCA with a residency in Rome and published on Art Maze Magazine Nº9, curated by Kim Savage, Founder and Director of FOLD Gallery, London and “Latinoamerica Circuitos del Arte” book, curated by art critic Daniel G. Alfonso. Recent exhibitions include solo show “Balance”, Nac Gallery in 2018 Chile and YICCA HDLU museum, Zagreb, 2019 curated by Leila Topić Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art.