Form_Function Be One_Sirin Gallery_005_Photo by David Stjernholm.jpg

“Petrified!” 2019

concrete and mixed media. Photo @DavidStjernholm


Mette Hammer Juhl

Mette Hammer Juhl is a visual artist based in Copenhagen and working with sculpture, sound, images and site specific installations. Her work questions the relations of contemporary boredom, anxiety and technological stimulus while often initiating social engagement in the realm between the public and the exhibition space.

Parallel with her individual work, Mette has a collaborative practice with visual artist and musician Lorenzo Tebano and she is currently working on an upcoming exhibition at Sophienholm with visual artist Julie Riis Andersen.

Recent exhibitions include Vermillion Sands (DK), First Draft (AU), Copenhagen Contemporary (DK) & SixtyEight Art Institute(DK), Auto Italia (London).

Juhl studied at BA (Honours) Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins, London, 2013