Form_Function Be One_Sirin Gallery_008_Photo by David Stjernholm.jpg

Untitled, 2018

Mixed media. Photo @DavidStjernholm


Joakim Almroth

Joakim Almroth is a Stockholm born visual artist, recently graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, BFA.

Almroth dissects the properties of subculture, belonging and chosen family, within a flux of redefining, recycling and re-using material and literal trash. He’s eager to question what’s important and/or beautiful. Our zeitgeist demands awareness and spirituality, and he is confused as to why ”high” is always expected to be more desirable than “low”? “Come down and be low with me.”

Almroth is currently working on a speculative book in which he contemplates naive personal science and present-day symbolism within subcultures by means of raw text and illustration.

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