Laura Faurschou (DK)

Laura Faurschou is a Copenhagen based artist and she runs her own multidisciplinary design studio.

Laura is drawing with light and shadow in her aluminium ornaments and reliefs. Each piece is cut and embossed by hand in soft aluminium and every dent and rise catches the light differently and reflects it outwards.

The imperfections of the hand-drawn line stand in contrast to the rigorous industrial aluminium. The effect creates both an ornamental essence and an extending visual impact.

The reliefs give the viewer the option to see their own patterns and connections, to create a link between the shapes - and to see something new every time.

Looking closer at the distorted reflection of you in the hanging ornaments reduces the image of you to a fragment of a much larger abstract image of your surroundings. It is a reformed way of experiencing the space around you and yourself in the space.