Materials: Mdf, foam filler and laquer 90 x 70 x 4cm Photo @OckieBasgulDogan


Ockie Basgül Dogan

Ockie Basgül Dogan works mainly with sculptures and objects, often put together in a narrative or setting, like a scene, sometimes built up like a rebus, where the sprawling references form meaning together. She is interested in what can seem absurd, exaggerated and a bit unreasonable, but yet soft.

Ockie is a graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Ecole Superieure d’art & design in Marseilles, France. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Denmark, France and Sweden.

“For the exhibition "How curious. I had no idea! Today has ended” I have made a piece called “Breeze” that consists of two wall sculptures/reliefs that melt into the wall like stucco but at the same time pops out due to their bright yellow colour. The shapes are a little wild and organic, and may resemble to plants or snakes or tongues that creep up around the fundament. An image and a sculpture.”

Breeze by Ockie Basgül Dogan photo@SIRIN Gallery