"The Whims Of The Eyelid" Valerie Collart And Manuel Canu 24.08-20.09.2018

We continue our collaboration with Ok Corral gallery and are happy to invite you to the exhibition “The Whims Of The Eyelid” by French artist Valerie Collart and Italian artist Manuel Canu. The installation in our store is a part of the main exhibition at Ok Corral.
Both artists are sculpters that use the materiality of there mediums as points to question ones own permanence, as well examining how the viewer is used to experiencing and apprehending abstract objects. Both are expats, having relocated from different countries to Copenhagen and we look forward to talking to them about their experience.

Through the idea of concealment, the exhibition “The Whims Of The Eyelid” investigates dreams and fantasies evoked by forms, when they are not perfectly perceived or resist our understanding. What is a form in its uncertainty?

Join us for a drink and meet the artists at the vernissage on Friday the 24th of August.

PastNatalia Enge