Sound Performance By Jonas Kasper Jensen 28.09.2018

On the 28th of September, Danish artist Jonas Kasper Jensen will release his second sound art album titled “Within the Temporal Experience” on the record label ‘Clang’. We would like to invite you to SIRIN for a drink and a presentation of the work. The event is arranged in collaboration with ‘OK Corral’ gallery.

Jonas Kasper Jensen’s album “Within the temporal experience” is an atmospheric and dense sculptural experience where slow drones enclose the listener like waves. It is composed with altered recordings of string instruments and is Jensen’s first take on an album with classic elements.

The concept behind this record is to explore the boundary between music and raw sound. The method Jensen uses for his investigation is to experiment with the apparent necessity of variation that is traditionally used to make a composition become a ‘piece of music’. As such, ‘Within the Temporal Experience’ invites the listener to dig into a dissolved and decentralised being, where everything and nothing is described at the same time and as such plays with the temporal experience in the music.

Jonas Kasper’s electronic universe evokes a dialogue between music and art. Sound and physical materials are inseparable to Jonas Kasper Jensen, his compositions are an integrated aspect of his artistic practice.

Marcus Döller has written the cover text especially for the release. Marcus is a philosopher whose texts and thoughts have had a strong inspiration on Kasper’s recent musical output. He opens the cover text with: “Music creates a silence within the sound. It creates a silence in the sound through the stretching of time as an expansion which creates a form of intensive within the temporal experience.”

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